26 August 2005
Very sorry that I cannot keep my promise!
24cc.com server was down, and I still have to wait for Jean-Felix to come back to France from HK. So he can finish up the remaining main pages............. i'm working on it, fingers cross~ =p


8 June 2005
Few years ago, many people were cried after watching the Korean Group KISS - "Because I'm a Girl" MTV.  Now, the Taiwan Male Artist Guang Liang Michael Wong also have a MTV which has a similar story line.

Michael's MTV - Fairy Tale has been put into this website, I hope everyone will enjoy this 7minutes MTV.  Hopefully (to all girls) you will find your own prince..... ^^


22 May 2005
well, I am still fixing all the link in order to put all sheet music to the new server.  I don't know why I progress so slow.  Many things keep me very busy........... school, work etc etc....

Also I want to say thank you for the people who provide the sheet music and the donation, thank you!


24 February 2005
The site is now moving to a new server, hopefully will be finished in the next 2 months!

Newest Update

Taiwan Group

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14 August 2004
Netfirms had been deactivated my site, so I have to find another good server to continue this site!

Currently, I'm changing to Bravenet

Congratulation for over 1 MILLION HIT!!!

Thank you for all your supports~~~ ^^

27 January 2004
This site 3rd Anniversary!! ^^ hope it will have 4th, 5th, 10th Anniversary!! haa~~
13 December 2003
Haven't update this site for a while! coz I work for 2 weeks non-stop - 7 days a week, so tired!!!! >.< (still need to work every single day until 25th) and today I only managed to scan 1 song only~~ hope you all have a great Christmas....
30 November 2003
This afternoon at 1:00pm, I got a chance to meet Atomic Kitten, only took me about an hour to wait in a queue, and got signed including their new album, poster, stickers etc.... actually it was coincidence, I lived quite close to that Music Store~~~ Photos were also taken, however, my photography skills is not that experience~

Natasha also bought her son with her,
Liz is prettier in reality, and very nice as well!
Jen is quite different~~ >.<

It is so rare that some famous stars visit in NZ, and not many people wait in the queue, haaa~~ so it didn't took me much time~

--> I gave a nice paper to let them sign

27 November 2003
Korean >> Male section is now opened! so many sheets that I need to upload, many things need to organise~
progress so slowly......... since I don't really have that much time~ may be one day just do one section!
25 November 2003
Guestbook is now opened! I can reply your message, so you don't have to email me! ^_^
24 November 2003 - X'mas 2003 Version is BORN! ^^
Christmas 2003 Version is born! What do you think? The site is still under BIG constructions, so do not email me why the site is not working properly! OK? Keep visiting and more sheet will be uploaded soon! (oh man.... I still need to make the guestbook, need to find a good CGI, BBS in Japan's sites.. >.<)